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Statement Shoes... No, Really... Shoes That Are Saying Something!

  • Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Last week, Kate Upton stepped out in Christian Louboutin "sex" heels. No, these aren't a very sexy version of Christian Louboutin's hottest pumps... These were actually heels that had the word "sex" written across them.
In a world where women seem to be wearing less and less these days, it's funny to think that we have to scream such a statement across our footwear. On the other hand, we've been wearing statement tees, jeans and necklaces - and beyond - for years now. We've made political statements with our T-shirts with witty remarks plastered across our chests. Sex And The City's Carrie Bradshaw even wrote her name across her neck in gold with her signature necklace that became a cult-like trend for over a decade.
So was it just a matter of time before the statements moved to the floor, where the drama continues?
Ask any woman what she covets above all else in fashion and she'll probably tell you she loves her shoes and handbags. As such items are usually staples, I do believe we've kept away from making statements that are too drastic with these investments. But it seems Louboutin has different plans and all the celebs are jumping on board to support the change of heart.
Louboutin isn't saying it's enough to wear sexy heels... You have to tell the world they mean "sex".

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